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Frontera Yoga Mornings

What is better than to start your day by stretching your muscles and meditating. An easy practice guided by Maria Eskitxabel. She has wide experience and adapts the class to the requirements of each person. A moment for yourself, to set your daily purpose, and to look inside you.

The class begins waking up your body with soft movements. Slowly, while your muscles are getting ready for the day, Maria focuses on stretching the body. Always being aware of the power and limitations of each body and getting as far as possible in every practice.

Everything ends with a little meditation where you lay on the mat and set the objectives to face your day with a positive mind. With your eyes closed, you make a balance of your class. Being grateful for your body and the power you have, you open your eyes.

After the class, we offer a coffee and a sweet surprise, from donuts to other delicious surprises. Recovering energy and enjoying a great coffee.

This event will be repeated many weekends so do not miss our Instagram where we announce all the events.

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