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Three photographers united by their love for the sea.

Iñigo, Coke and Oscar watch the sea with another eyes, they see art where other just see a huge mass of water. Having them together in an exposition is a privilege for us and for everyone that enjoys photography.

A tee shirt for each one with their style and spirit. Also three photos for each one that define best what they like to immortalize. In the event the three of them explained which camera they usually use and where they shot the photos.


Oscar is a self made photographer.

Experience and passion have made him improve and make of the art of taking pictures his life. He enjoys immortalizing the waves from the sand but doesn’t doubt on entering into the peak in a good surf session. Black and white pictures and barrels are his weaknesses and probably the majority of his instagram pictures 🙂


Cokoif creator of “its only water”

is like watching a calm sea and feeling that at that moment everything is right. He defends a slow way of living and transmits that to his pictures. Classic surfing and longboards inspire his work, something that he does with love and patience. Take a seat and enjoy.


Iñigo Agote is a sunset kind of photographer, he doesn’t miss any.

“La mar y yo” (the sea and I) is his slogan and could not define him any better. He finds peace in the water and that is also what you feel when watching his pictures. Making art behind the lenses is where he enjoys being but doesn’t reject a good longboard session.

During the exposition, visitors could enjoy beer from Bidasoa Basque Brewery, coffee served by Javier from Sakona, and kombucha from Mucha. Great atmosphere and interesting conversation that makes the event awesome for everyone.

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